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With corpcloud, managing a construction project can now be seamless. Its state-of-the-art technology provides innovative solutions for the construction industry’s current status of being complexly flawed, expensive and complicated. A challenging and daunting task for multiple stakeholders who are directly involved in all stages of development, encompassing everything from paving roads to building high-rises, and everything in between. corpcloud offers the latest in construction project management, web-based systems integrating best practices throughout the industry while maintaining a user-friendly, platform from which to excel. This online project management, cloud-based software is unparalleled in its class and will serve as the blueprint for all construction pros within this arena.

corpcloud is a revolutionary web-based application offering building professionals a cloud-based construction management suite conjoining planning with project management capabilities combined in a single interface with the industry’s social network. It enables subscribers to use its versatile and unique functionality, without compromising computing resources or worrying about configurations. This sleek interface design provides quick and convenient access to complete project data as it is synched between profiles of different project participants, resulting in a solid foundation of effective, real-time communication and collaboration.

corpcloud's web based project management tool brings to the industry an unprecedented level of control and convenience in obtaining project information. Stored for future reference and categorized in a central database, investors, project managers, design professionals, subcontractors,  vendors and all relevant parties can gain access and easily process records such as RFI’s, Change Orders, Meeting Minutes, Pay Requests, etc. This system will be instrumental in the development of worldwide business model platforms and overcoming setbacks and obstacles as they arise. This cutting edge project management tool was specifically designed to meet the construction professional’s needs.

corpcloud offers revolutionary technology in construction management. It is a powerful, web-based application that integrates project management and networking capabilities. It provides construction professionals with the tools to streamline and coordinate tasks in an unsurpassed manner while remaining fully engrossed in the community. Intuitive and functional, corpcloud combines project management precision with an unbridled enthusiasm for innovative, infinite construction industry networking capabilities.corpcloud  - exceeding new heights by setting new industry standards.

corpcloud will revolutionalize the construction industry

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