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CorpCloud provides world-class project management collaboration systems for the construction industry. This innovative, yet easy to use platform provides project team members the ability to quickly load project information and begin updating immediately. Unlike other systems that can be cumbersome and expensive to use, CorpCloud has focused on making its platform robust enough to manage even the most complex project without adding unnecessary complexity. Secure and cloud-based, CorpCloud offers a secure, platform  that allows team members and stakeholders the ability to keep in constant contact, providing the transparency clients often demand in major construction and development projects. 


Job Portal

Target the highest caliber of employers and job seekers and obtain the best match for all levels of professional roles in the industry.

Construction Project Management

Manage your projects from one centralized place. CorpCloud will help you efficiently organize schedules, teams, documents, subcontractors’ records, billing, deliverables and all types of reporting all in one place.

Estimating Platform

CorpCloud system will make it faster to develop estimates, facilitating greater team productivity and superior project predictability. Our estimating platform will help you achieve your goals of delivering on time and within budget.
Bid efficiently and effectively for all new projects. Invite your subcontractors and monitor pricing.

Network of Construction Businesses & Experts

In this extremely competitive environment, it is essential to have reliable partners who are able to complement your business. With CorpCloud, you can browse through thousands of profiles and connect effectively with those potential partners.